Andrew Footwear for Untamed Country

ANDREW footwear is well known and respected in the NZ market … WELCOME to the brand!

Andrew Footwear is the passion of husband and wife Giuseppe and Cinzia, who’s three daughters and a dedicated team of craftsman produce the most robust footwear in the world.

The name ANDREW is the name of their brand for the son that Giuseppe always hoped for. During our 2018 visit with Giuseppe and Cinzia we learned there are over 1,000 steps in the making of an Andrew’s boot, all of them by hand.

When out in NZ’s awesome outdoor playground, in extreme environments and conditions, getting there and getting back is what it’s all about. Footwear that you can rely on 100% is essential, Andrew boots deliver the highest possible standards of endurance, comfort and stability. They have been designed, crafted and ‘tuned’ to perform in the harshest and most demanding conditions in the world.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to try a pair, we are confident you will not be disappointed.


About Andrew New Zealand

Ed Leenders and the crew at Bene Footwear distribute a range of premium footwear brands and are passionate about ANDREW footwear. It’s just so well made, it’s extremely durable and after many years now has a strong following, with loyal and satisfied customers throughout NZ.

Andrew footwear fits the rigorous demands of the most rugged parts of NZ we have selected , for untamed country that needs the best gear, no compromise.

100% Kiwi owned and operated by the Leenders family since 1991 and working closely with many switched on stockists throughout our awesome country, helping you to get out there and explore it !

A History of Italian Quality