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About Us

At ANDREW Footwear NZ we are passionate about providing the best quality and fit for purpose outdoor footwear available. Footwear that speaks for itself.

Ed Leenders is part of Footwear & Apparel NZ Ltd, a 100% privately owned and operated NZ company. It's been a very rewarding experience working with Andrew Footwear. We have thoroughly enjoyed visiting them and viewing their facility, watching their particular art of making boots, testing and having them tested, receiving the reviews and hugely positive feedback.

It is our absolute pleasure to offer the Andrew footwear range to you.

We have been selling quality footwear throughout NZ for many years and also distribute Grisport, No.8 Footwear and Lavoro.

The company is based in Upper Hutt and distributes nationally through a network of switched on Distributors who are also passionate about footwear ... for work, rest and play in this great country.

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Why Andrew Footwear ?

You're asking for the best available combined with our own love of New Zealand's awesome outdoor playground has continually driven us to search the world for the best. The demands that our extreme conditions put on footwear is something that many Kiwi's know little about. For those of us that do, we demand no compromise as anything less will never do. Often remote, harsh and rugged conditions dictate equally compatible footwear.


Another very important aspect of Andrew Footwear is that it is also superbly comfortable. The manufacturing process includes significant moulding of the leather to accommodate the natural radius of the heel by way of a 'heel bowl' as well as the side radius to accommodate the natural width spread of the foot, which together support and cradle the foot comfortably, while the boot does the work.

It's awesome to be able to get out there into those far of and remote places, to experience the land we live in and the wonder of it all. Searching for, discovering and enjoying those special remote places. We both share a passion for the great outdoors, in particular hunting.

In fact, when time allows whether working on the farm or that hunting trip, it can be a tough choice of which footwear to leave behind.

Andrew Footwear for the very best in comfort, support and durability.

Footwear that will inspire confidence in getting you out to and back from, those special places New Zealand offers for Mountaineering, Trekking, Hunting, Farming or just your spare time.

Thanks for taking the time to view the great footwear Andrew shoes can offer.

Our Philosophy

At ANDREW Footwear NZ we are passionate about providing the best quality and fit for purpose outdoor footwear available. Footwear that speaks for itself, very appropriate for all the extremes of the New Zealand environment.

The home of great footwear is arguably Italy, with a rich history of quality-crafted footwear. The styles selected for you are crafted with that knowledge gained from history and the testing that arrives from the proximity to extremes of environment not dissimilar to New Zealand's, extremes of steep mountainous snow cover terrain, high rainfall, it is no accident that the ANDREW styles are precisely at home here in NZ.

The passion that we have to provide the best footwear available sees ANDREW footwear tested and pushed to the extremes, if it is does not achieve our high standards, we will not sell it. Our footwear testing takes us from farms, the stockyards, from mountains in the South Island to the bush in the North Island and many places in between.

The relationship developed with the Italian ANDREW Shoes factory enables us to bring you the ANDREW selection with total confidence that the discerning buyer's needs are met.

It is our great pleasure to bring you the ANDREW Footwear NZ experience.

We invite you to try it, you will not be disappointed! 

Ed Leenders
Footwear & Apparel NZ Ltd