ANDREW for… untamed country

Crafted, not manufactured

Custom order service

Unique and now available so you can customise your boots to be just what you want them to be!  Select your boots to your exact specifications.

Choose the base style and then select the features and/or levels required:

  1. Sole rigidity .... soft, medium, rigid
  2. Rand ... to rand or not to rand
  3. Norwegian Stitch ... yes or no
  4. Lining ... Sympatex 100% Out ... membrane or natural leather

You choose ... as they will be hand made for you

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The ANDREW footwear range is new to the market NZ ... welcome to the brand!

These boots are something very different, they are made by hand, uniquely and by skilled Italian craftsman; the very best available.

When you're out in our great outdoor playground, a distance to go to get there and back and extreme conditions, you need footwear that you can rely on 100%. Andrew boots deliver the highest possible standards of endurance, comfort and stability. They have been designed, crafted and 'tuned' to perform in the harshest and most demanding conditions.

We invite you to try them, and are confident you will not be disappointed.

Andrew footwear will satisfy your most critical examination, performance expectation and inspire confidence in your footwear.

Andrew Footwear for UNTAMED COUNTRY.