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The Boots

The ANDREW footwear range is new to the NZ market ... welcome to the brand.

These boots are something very different, they are made by hand, uniquely and by skilled Italian craftsman; the very best available.

When you're out in our great outdoor playground, a distance to go to get there and back and extreme conditions, you need footwear that you can rely on 100%. Andrew boots deliver the highest possible standards of endurance, comfort and stability. They have been designed, crafted, and 'tuned' to perform in the harshest and most demanding conditions. 
We invite you to try them, and are confident you will not be disappointed.

Andrew footwear will satisfy your most critical examination, performance expectation and inspire confidence in your footwear.

Choose from our in stock styles or our Custom Order Service Unique and now available so you can customise your boots to be just what you want them to be.



Antelao SPX

Antelao Chainsaw SPX



Zebru SPX

Wilderness SPX  Bionice Teton Cramp SPX

wilderness SPX

Bionico teton cramp SPX


Tree Climbing SPX


Andrew Footwear for untamed country.

Prior to the release of the brand, thorough testing was conducted across a variety of applications and in some of NZ's harshest environments and toughest conditions. Testing produced outstanding results, with the boots exhibiting their true colours, being ... tough ... comfortable .... lasting ... stable. Testing bears out the boots are 100% Fit for purpose.  Andrew Footwear Montebelluna (TV) Italy.


What is it that sets them apart from the rest?

A boot making family with a passion for crafting the ultimate in extreme terrain outdoor footwear in that now rare time honoured tradition .... by hand. It really is something, watching Giuseppe stitching the Norwegian Welt, hand selecting the leather for the uppers or explaining why they insist on making their products by hand, awesome ! Naturally only the best of everything is selected, premium Italian full grain leathers, Vibram soles, Sympatex 100% Out membrane, linings, roller bearing eyelets and premium components.

This range is ideally suited to anyone that requires extreme uncompromising performance in their field, be it Mountaineering, Trekking, Hunting, Farming or any outdoor adventure.

As the day moves on, the body is weary; your legs are screaming for rest great footwear makes all the difference. ANDREW footwear will take you there ...... and back.

The boots styles New Guida Alpina and the New Antelao are stock lines for ANDREW footwear NZ, and are sold nationally through a network of switched on Distributors who are also passionate about footwear ... for work, rest and play in this great country ! We also offer Custom Order Service Unique and now available so you can customise your boots to be just what you want them to be!

Simply select the style, leather type and other great futures that you wish to choose and we will send you a quote, with conformation of style, delivery date and time frame for your own handcrafted boots.


Hands on crafted footwear

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